Vaginal Microbiocinosis in Women with Infertility and Parasite Invasion

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V. O. Sklyarova


Vaginal microbiocinosis in 47 women with infertility and parasite invasion and 35 women with infertility without parasite invasion was investigated. In women with primary infertility, ascariasis was found in 48% of examined patients, Mycoplasma hominis was often revealed together with worm invasion, persistence of Ureaplasma species and urealyticum infection in lower parts of sexual system did not depend on presence or absence of parasites. The occurence of Esherichia colli, Klebsiella and Enterococcus faecalis was significantly higher in vaginal content under conditions of worm invasion. Dysbiotic changes in vagina were accompanied by intestinal dysbiosis in 48% cases, whereas in patients with intestinal dysbacteriosis changes of vaginal microflora content were revealed in 90% cases.

Microbiocenosis of vagina, infertility, parasites, intestinal dysbiosis

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O. Sklyarova, V. (2015). Vaginal Microbiocinosis in Women with Infertility and Parasite Invasion. International STD Research & Reviews, 3(3), 123-130.
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