Knowledge and Perception of Sexual Health Education and Condom Use among STI Patients in India

Koustuv Dalal, Jahan Shabnam, Shu-Mei Wang

Page: 74-87
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Syphilis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Co-infection among Pregnant Women in Nigeria: Prevalence and Trend

C. T. Omisakin, A. J. Esan, K. A. Fasakin, M. F. Owoseni, O. Ojo-Bola, O. O. Aina, D. P. Omoniyi

Page: 94-100
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Fungal Isolation in HIV Patients and CD4 Count

O. M. T. B. Ochiabuto, A. Nwankwo, I. B. Enweani, J. O. Okoye, C. O. Okeke, M. Nwankwo, I. Nwafuluaku, C. M. Obi

Page: 101-112
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Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) Risk Associated with Beliefs about Virginal Sex and Perceived Social Norms among Inmates in KwaZulu Natal

Torrance Stephens, Darius Gardner, Kenna Jones, Sibusiso Sifunda, Ronald L. Braithwaite

Page: 125-134
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Pattern of Sexual Behavior of Hawassa University Students, Ethiopia: A Qualitative Study

Abraham Alano, Yifru Berhan, Dejene Hailu

Page: 135-145
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Should Pre-admission Medical Tests to Tertiary Institutions Include Screening for Syphilis?

F. A. Olajubu, D. O. Fadipe

Page: 146-152
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Associated with Women Who Have Sex with Women

Ronald Bartzatt

Page: 51-63
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The Integration of HIV/AIDS and Non-communicable Disease Policies

Tilahun Nigatu Haregu

Page: 64-73
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Near-fatal Fellatio: A Case of Necrotizing Fasciitis after Oral Sex

James J. Douglas, Sherrill R. Brown, Andrew Martowski, W. David Hardy

Page: 88-93
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