Overview of Prevalence of Syphilis in a Health Facility in Rivers State

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Azuonwu, Goodluck
Timothy, Theresa E.


Syphilis is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that is prevalent in developing countries and is of public health importance. Among pregnant women, it is reported to cause foetal defects if not treated. This study was thus carried out to determine the prevalence of syphilis among pregnant women visiting a health facility in Rivers State. Records of 482 pregnant women who visited the health facility within January and December 2018 were reviewed after obtaining due consent from the relevant authority. The sensitivity rate of the RPR test was higher than the THPA test, however the THPA has been found to be more specific. A prevalence rate of 2.28% was reported among the samples collected. The women who tested positive had little or no formal education which may have contributed to low knowledge of the disease. Intensive public health awareness on the means of transmission, symptoms, signs and effects of contracting the disease, especially among pregnant women should be carried out. Also, robust screening should be carried out at the community level in order to have proper record of the number of persons infected. Rapid test kits that are reliable should be made available also.

Prevalence of syphilis, sexually transmitted diseases, RPR, THPA, pregnant women

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Goodluck, A., & Theresa E., T. (2020). Overview of Prevalence of Syphilis in a Health Facility in Rivers State. International STD Research & Reviews, 9(2), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.9734/ISRR/2020/v9i230108
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