Vaginal Microbiocinosis in Women with Infertility and Parasite Invasion

V. O. Sklyarova

Page: 123-130
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Screening of Suspected HIV-AIDS Patients: A Comparative Study Evaluating HIV-ICT Device and ELISA

Hamdan Hamid, Hifsa Mobeen, Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Adil, Almina Shafiq, Noshin Wasim Yousuf

Page: 131-136
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Pattern and Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among Undergraduates Attending University Health Care Centre in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Onasoga, Olayinka Abolore, Abdu Abdulraheed, Anabui Benardine Nene, Hanson Victoria Funmilayo

Page: 137-146
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Public and Healthcare Practitioner Attitudes towards HIV Testing: Review of Evidence from the United Kingdom (UK)

C. F. Davies, M. Gompels, M. T. May

Page: 91-122
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